The Hot Pepper Awards Just ANNOUNCED!!! Over 170 Hot Sauces and Spicy Condiments Awarded

Well, it’s that time of year again, when The Hot Pepper Awards names the best spicy products of the year.

Over 170 awards were handed out, so if you are a chilihead (hot sauce fanatic), this list is for you. The list can be found at

The Hot Pepper Awards is not only about hot sauce, they judge BBQ sauce, rub, salsa, and even spicy jelly, wine, and chocolates. Chiliheads like it all spicy. Even their salt!!!

Guess What???  QN4U BBQ HOUSE wins another national recognition for their CLOVIS STYLE BBQ Sauce.  "this competiton is uniques because its only for commercial packaged sauces" says Brent Walton, owner of QN4U BBQ HOUSE.  "SInce were not inteh hot sauce cuziness we eneter the "Mild BBQ Sauce" category and won 1st place!!! It was a nice surprise to end up 1st place with so many entrants and a nice finish to our 2010 considering we also took 3rd place in the "Best Sauce on the Planet" contest at the American Royal in Kansas City in October!"

1st - QN4U - QN4U Clovis Style