Induction into the BBQ Hall of Fame
news - BBQ News 2008

Brent Walton and Kim Walton are inducted into California BBQ Association Hall of Fame by current members Gene Goycochea and Dan Cannon. Both Brent and Kim were equally acknowledged for their skills and individual accomplishments in the BBQ community over the last six years. Brent and Kim, as BBQ team QN4U, have set an unprecedented award winning pace in the west coast world of BBQ. They have served on the CBBQA board, created state championship BBQ contests in Modesto and Clovis California, put together and attended Military charitable events, won more State championships than any other team in California, and provided BBQ Competition classes to teach all involved in BBQ how to accomplish what they have learned to do so well. AND, that does not begin to touch on the positive attitude and results they have brought to the California BBQ community overall (not to mention the country) through all of their extensive BBQ educational, competition, charitable, and community service activities. In general they have made a name and reputation for BBQ excellence throughout the United States. Together they have created a new level of BBQ achievement and excellence that we all can aspire to and work towards.

Congratulations to both Brent and Kim for their tremendous dedication and commitment to BBQ and this well deserved salutation.