WHere are you located?
news - BBQ News 2008


Nov 2008

It’s funny how inconsequential things can later become a major role in your life. We were hired by a major bank to cater their “tailgate party” at the Fresno State football game that they were the “game sponsor” and had about 250 guests to feed. They really wanted first class presentation and menu and that’s just the find of catering job I love.

After everyone had been fed, this one gentlemen came up to me and complemented me on our pork that it was just one of the most beautiful things he ever ate and he had never had pork done like this. He loved the BBQ sauce as well and wanted to know all about QN4U BBQ. What we did, our products, catering, competitions… Then he asked a question we had heard many times, “Where you located?”

“We are not located anywhere,” I responded. “If you mean ‘do we have a restaurant?’”

This conversation probably lasted over an hour which really is not unusual for me, because I will talk BBQ until hell freezes over, if someone will listen. This conversation became very important, a couple months later.

Kim and I have talked about a restaurant from time to time but never that serious. This conversation again sparked that talk, maybe it is the natural progression of BBQ, and you wind up in a restaurant somewhere. Kim’s sister Linda was visiting us from Michigan over Thanksgiving and without any prompting from me or anyone, “you guys need to have a restaurant, it would be fantastic!” She was insisting about this and we talked all week about this. Kim needed the convincing, I tend to throw caution to the wind and go for it. I was beginning to really think about this and though this was something we could do successfully. Kim was not as sure. I was becoming more and more convinced day by day that we could pull this whole restaurant idea off. She had concerns about how we would survive and what is we “lost our ass” whish has to be a concern since 90% of all restaurants tank in the first year and not may make it past their first 3 years. No matter how good they are. The restaurant business is brutal and difficult at best. Not being a giant corporation with an endless money supply to carry us for whatever time it took to get become profitable or insure that we would have cash flow to keep us current on paying all the bills. What about cash for the next year, or two, or three. We had it pretty good for the last couple of years being basically “BBQ gypsies” going to events, contests or competitions and catering we were getting by not making any money really, but enough to keep us above water, traveling place to place and BBQing. This was “living the dream” being able to BBQ for a living at our own schedule, our priorities were where and when we would BBQ. As I look back at this time, I really had it made. Working as caterers a few days a month then doing BBQ competitions or events the rest of the time. It was a blast!