“A THREE-PEAT” Nevada State Champion The Best Damn Barbecue 2007
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Nevada State Champion


The Best Damn Barbecue 2007

Boulder City, Nevada

May 25-26

“This was exciting!”


This is our third year coming to this contest.  In fact, this contest has only existed for 3 years, and QN4U has managed to win every year against a very tough crowd.  Everyone is trying for that automatic entry into “The Jack” World Championship.  I’m not sure if they are sick of us yet and would prefer we went on to another contest next year or what.  I don’t mean to sound uppity, but for some reason our BBQ works here.  I can’t figure it out, but I’m glad & grateful it works out that way.

We rolled in Thursday night and stayed in Las Vegas.  We had dinner with my niece Jodi & her son Spencer.  I look forward to seeing them every year when we go to Las Vegas.  Friday morning we arrived in Boulder City, to the now familiar street at the end of town, to set up.  Again, it’s one of those contests that we meet up with people we only see once a year.

Joe Dirks, of the Long Island     X        comes from New York.   His long-time, long-distance girlfriend, Pam, is from Vegas.  They are usually both there.  Some of the Arizona teams come out to the contest and then there are the promoters and sponsors of the contest.  This is a group of people, whom you only see once a year, but it seems like you pick up right where you left off, forgetting that it’s been a year since talking to them.  It’s a reunion that is typical of a lot of contests.   I think this is part of the attraction of being BBQ Hobo’s, which we have become.

Boulder City’s BBQ contest is one of the best-run contests that we attend throughout the year.  It has community involvement and dedicated volunteers from the local rotary club that insure things go well.

The weather was perfect and that made it nice for sleeping outside in the back of the truck.  Things seemed organized for us this trip and we had time to relax all day Friday instead of making trips to the store, having to make something, or having to fix something.  That made it nice.

It seems I’ve been happy with the items we cooked lately even though they did not score well.  If I think they are junk, then they score well, go figure!  And here was no different.  I thought our chicken was overcooked & lacking a little flavor, so when it was called 1st place, I was shocked!  Our pork & brisket was mediocre, but they were 3rd & 2nd respectively.  Now our pork ribs were superior & they were like 8th place.   I guess I’m no good at judging.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, just amazed how it goes sometimes.

When it came time for the Grand Championship announcement, it was sure nice to hear QN4U called out for a 3rd time!  It was exciting.  We all hung out afterward & partied as we all stayed Saturday night.  We had breakfast at a local café & then headed back for Clovis, Ca.

An interesting side note:  We catered a wedding for this couple’s daughter from Yosemite and the couple happened to be at Lake Mead for the weekend.  They stopped by the BBQ to see if we were there.  That was a surprise to see them in Boulder City-Small World!