VIEJAS Alpine, Ca October 2007
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Alpine, Ca

October 2007


The most exciting thing I can say about this contest is it was the first stop on the way to “The Jack”.  We did not score well here last year and for some reason we did not score well again this year.  I guess this group does not like what we do.  Two years in a row . . .skunked.


This is a good contest and it pays out a lot of prize money. We just can’t seem to make the grade here.  We had a great time anyway and headed out early Sunday morning on I-8 toward the east through the desert.  Man, it was windy.  There were some real serious winds!


At a truck stop on Monday I saw that California was basically on fire.  I guess those winds were even worse than we thought.  We send out good thoughts to those in that area.