Operation BBQ at 29 Palms Christmas Celebration December 2006
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Operation BBQ at 29 Palms Christmas Celebration
December 2006

Christmas Celebration Once again we got to cook for the Marines and their families at the base in Twenty-Nine Palms. This is our third year doing this event and we had about 12 people from the CBBQA to volunteer to cook and serve at the event. Dan Cannon and his beloved "Big Red" carried the day for cooking up the brisket with Papas Smokehouse and their immaculate & beautiful yellow catering rig standing by for back up. Everyone jumps in and gets things done which makes this a very easy and satisfying event. We cooked up a bunch of hot dogs and hamburgers for the families as well.

The food line was fast and steady as we served up over a thousand meals. It was a lot more than we planned, but that was ok. The base supplied the extra food and you wouldnÕt know that we only planned to feed 400-500 as was usual for this event.

Merry Christmas to the TroopsThanks to everyone for letting us participate at this event. And a special thanks to the military and their families who give us so much in the name of freedom. I will never forget what you do for all of us.

Merry Christmas to all!