BBQN at the AUTRY April 7-8th, 2006 Los Angeles, CA
news - BBQ News 2006
April 7-8th, 2006
Los Angeles, CA

The first contest of the year! Whew! I was thinking that it had been awhile since our last contest. At first everything felt awkward, and then everything was going smooth. Scary smooth. The food we cooked was good, I personally loved the brisket. I thought it was the best I have ever made.

The Gene Autry Museum was a great place to have a barbeque contest. They had live music, activities for the public and they advertised the contest locally and had plenty of media coverage at the event.

The California Barbeque Association had a vending booth run by the Merediths (Bentley, Kristin and Marian), with the awesome new BBQ concession trailer and expertise of The Pit Stop BBQ (Pete, Pam & Virginia). The lines there were long but quick. We heard the BBQ was fantastic! That was no surprise to me as they are all top BBQ'ers. I know they raised a lot of money for a very special charity, M.E.N.D. Once again the California BBQ'ers walk the walk and should be very proud of themselves.

It was fun to see everyone that we had not seen in awhile. There were 29 teams and heard that they turned away teams as they thought they did not have enough space. Hopefully next year it will grow. I hate to see cookers be turned away as it was not too long ago we had to beg to get a good turn out.

Friday night they had a sauce contest and an Anything Butt category that had to be "Southwest". That was defined as having chili peppers in the dish. I wanted to make beef ribs and had to adapt them to meet the "southwest" criteria. We kind of made up a dish by making a southwest rub and a roasted smoked salsa on my smoker. I figured if it was horrible I would not turn it in and just have beef ribs for dinner. We used a little "Q" sauce and pepper jack cheese so the salsa would hold in place. Anyway it was pretty good so we turned it in. Glad we did because we ended up getting 3rd in the category.

The sauce contest was won by Richard Gonzales of "WeBeQN". I swear he jumped out of his skin when he heard his name called as the sauce winner!!! His sauce was really good. It is great to see that kind of excitement.

"Otis and the Bird" are Jay and Monica Benedict out of Arizona were the big winners. Scoring high in every category to achieve the Grand Championship. They have been scoring at or near the top in all of the contest they do. They are a fun couple and we had a lot of laughs with them over the weekend. They are fantastic bbq'ers!!

My good buddies Dan Cannon & Rick Streiff of BBQbyDAN team won the Reserve Grand Championship. We were really excited for them!!! They also are really great bbq'ers and a whole lot of fun.

We ended up 4th overall with a 1st place in pork. That was exciting. It was good to get this first cook out of the way and get the season going. I can't wait!!!