Lake Pleasant Arizona
news - BBQ News 2006
Lake Pleasant
November 2006

Lake Pleasant Camp SiteFinally we are going to cook in Arizona. It seems like we have been planning gthis for three years and something happens to prevent it ie; contest get cancelled, Brent has heart attack. It is always something.

This contest is an IBCA contest and our first time cooking one under their rules. We have to turn in ½ chickens, nine ribs (careful with the sauce), and 9 slices of brisket only. Everything has to be in containers as they direct and they check them at turn in. It is a good thing as you have a chance to correct things before they take them to the table, time permitting of course.

The contest was held in a campground facility at Lake Pleasant. It had nice restrooms and showers. This is a huge plus, believe me! The weather was perfect as well. The contests main sponsor was Dewalt Tools and they really made this a first class event. They had their large display trucks with hands on stuff to do plus NASCAR things as they sponsor the #17 car of Matt Kennesth. They also had several other sponsors with booths that also gave away items to the public. They had something going on the stage all of the time. It was a well run contest and they really took care of the teams. We had 50 teams competing which is huge out here in the west.

We ended up winning the award that Kim wanted the most which was Best Booth. She had gone the extra mile to have things just right and this time it paid off. As for the food, we took 3rd in ribs and 10th in chicken and I don't know about the brisket or overall but they were not in the top ten. I liked cooking for this contest but I need to improve to get up to the top. Practice, practice, practice!