Modesto Blues, Brews & BBQ
news - BBQ News 2006
Modesto Blues, Brews & BBQ
Modesto, CA
May, 2006

By Brent Walton

It's a track meet!
It's a concert
It's a vending extravaganza!

Oh yeah!!!! The largest contest to date in California. 41 teams-I think bbq is growing out on the left coast. This contest is one of my favorites.

The group at SaveMart really out did themselves again putting on a great event. Although the judges did not care for our stuff this year, I thought we cooked everything just right and I was pleased with all of our items. It has been awhile since we had been copmpletly skunked at every category. It is not as much fun as winning but I was ok with it. I don't think it is time to re-do the way we do things, as always we make adjustments and move on.

We helped organize the vending again this year for the California BBQ Association (CBBQA). The CBBQA and it's generous members worked to make this a real success. Grant and Jeni Ford organized the food sales and volunteers and carried it off perfectly. Gene Goycochoea ( Out of this World) and Pete and Pam (Pit Stop BBQ) with assistance from Burbank Bad Boys and QN4U kept the food coming for this one day feeding frenzy. The public loved the BBQ and we had a lot of great comments. I do not know the final numbers but they should have topped last year.

I do not know what happened to our competition scores at this contest, I do know I sent the judges some #1 stuff but I don't know what they did with it!!! Can't win em all.

This is a must do contest in California. It draws the best teams and it was great to see All Hogs Go to Heaven win their first Grand Championship. They are a new team with a few contest under their belts. When a family team like this gets together, they make powerful bbq. I am sure we will be seeing them at the top a lot. Also BLQUE, a first time team took 1st in Brisket and Fish Heads, a first time team took a 1st in Ribs.

Congratulations to all of the winners. See you at the next contest.