Montana State BBQ Championship
news - BBQ News 2006
Montana State BBQ Championship
Stevensville, Montana
August 4 - 5, 2006

This sounded like fun, driving to Montana. I always forget how far places really are. I wish I had more time to have enjoyed the sights on this drive. It was beautiful and desolate and long.

Brett & CandiMy niece Candi and her husband Brett had seen us on the Food Network show and called us to let us know that. We told them we would be up there at the beginning of August to participate in the Montana State Championship in Stevensville, very close to where they live. My sister Debbie and her husband John live there as well. So this was to be my favorite kind of BBQ, with family.

Brett has been interested in BBQ and how it all works and was excited to have a chance to see and help go through the rigors of a full contest. He has been cold smoking fish and has built a good reputation for his smoked fish product in the Bitter Root Valley. I was looking forward to doing this contest too. The contest that are tied to existing events and already draw people seem to work really well and this was no exception. Vending at this contest was by the teams. I think they all made a lot of money as Friday night they were all coking to make sure they had enough to get through the day on Saturday. Everyone I talked with did fantastic on the vending. The public sure likes it.

Kim's ScooterOn a side note, one of the venders there was selling motorized coolers!!! It was so cool. I bought one for Kim and it was a match made in heaven as she buzzed around Stevensville, Montana including a trip to the grocery store. And she never got off of the cooler!!! Check it out When she first took off on it she was gone for about 10 minutes. Then I hear a bunch of cheering and yelling. I swear, I looked up and Kim is racing a guy in a wheel chair down main street Stevensville. (That's my Kim!)

Obviously I really wanted to do well at this contest and we did. We took 3rd overall. (Missed reserve by 1 point). It was one of those deals; I thought we cooked a couple of items that were stellar. Our pork butt scored 6th as did our chicken and brisket. Our ribs were supreme and we placed 2nd. Grub Rustlers were the dominate team here for sure with 3 first places and a 2nd. They have been GC in Montana for 3 years running. Dances with Smoke (what a cool bbq name) edged us out of the reserve title. As I have said before we just have to move on to the next contest and hopefully the judges will like our stuff better than the others.

Brett & KimFor sure you can't win if you are not out there competing. I really love doing these competitions and cooking against all of these teams. We had a great time here and the people of Montana were a lot of fun. We met a lot of new teams and look forward to meeting up with them again on the BBQ trail. It was great to have Candi and Brett get involved and hopefully they will get into competition bbq. This is a contest I really want to do again next year.