West Coast BBQ Championship
news - BBQ News 2006
West Coast BBQ Championship
August 11th - 12th, 2006
Fairfield, CA

QN4UThis is another one of my favorite contest. Not only have we done well at this contest but we meet up with some of my favorite bbq teams that we only see once a year.

Food Maxx stores stepped in as a sponsor for the BBQ contest and also took on our line of BBQ sauces in their stores. We had done some promotional work for them back in May and true to their word they followed through and are excited about being involved in BBQ. We cooked a bunch of tri-tip for them to hand out as samples to the public. They had lines all day at their booth!

This was a tough contest and we thought our items were pretty good and were surprised and grateful that we took the Grand Championship here. Otis & the Bird took Reserve Champions. It was just the reverse last year. I think they are one of the top teams out there competing and anytime we finish ahead of them it is quite an accomplishment. Ric Gilbert of Ric's Righteous ribs had a fantastic showing as well with 1st in brisket and 1st in chicken. I see a grand championship in the near future. Hope he will give me a few tips. The Vineyard Roasters took first in ribs. They are a group of wine guys that really know how to have some fun with bbq. Not to mention they have some great wines since they are from Napa.

Fairfield also has a sauce contest and we did really well with our sauce QN4U "Clovis Style" in the "sauce other" category taking 1st place as we did last year. That was a thrill. Burbank Bad Boys won the "sauce regular" with an enhanced version of our "Q" sauce. That was the coupe de gra. It was great to have both of our sauces winning the championship in each category. Randy promised he would teach me how to make sauce and believe me I will take him up on it.

Friday evening we had turn ins for the sauce categories. We used the QN4U Clovis style for the standard and then doctored the same for the spicy category. Everyone has liked our sauce and we hoped to do well with it although I am always skeptical about these sauce contest.

This contest was just fun. I guess winning makes it even better when I look back. Even if we had not won the contest was great and had a lot of good people. I feel redeemed after the last few contest we did taking 3rd place (by 1 point). That is why every detail must be looked at before turning in. It is amazing how many contest come down to a tie breaker or 1-2 points that make you or break you.