Twenty Nine Palms Christmas Luncheon
news - BBQ News 2005
Twentynine Palms Christmas Luncheon
December 2005
Twentynine Palms, CA

Once again I have had the pleasure of cooking for our military. This time it was for the wives and children of the Marines in Iraq. I did this last year and wanted to come back again. Like I said before this makes me feel good and I know they appreciate it.

Tony McDowell had made all of the arraignments with the base and had everything set and ready to go. That made things pretty easy.

Besides Kim and myself there were about 12 other people from the California Barbeque Association that had come to volunteer their help. I am glad the CBBQA has this relationship with the marine base because everyone loves BBQ and if we can give them a good meal and a good time that's all you need. We sure enjoy doing this for them.

We cooked up tri-tip, bbq beans, and potato salad. They also had Santa Claus and all of the children received gifts.

On of the great things about California is that we can schedule in BBQ in the middle of the winter and no one even has to consider the weather to be a factor. We can BBQ 365 days a year. How many places can you have BBQ in December for a Christmas celebration?

Everything went off without a hitch, that's always good. God bless our military and their families.