Best Dam Barbeque Nevada State Championship
news - BBQ News 2005
Boy, I am glad we did this contest! QN4U takes Grand Champion! This is number 5, but who is counting. Not sure exactly why, but winning this contest was like winning the first time. It was really emotional for us.

This was a great contest. They did everything right, even the weather was perfect. The Rotary Club really did a great job making the teams feel welcome and taking care of us throughout. It was set in a park at the end of old downtown and was beautiful. We had entertainment Friday & Saturday that was fantastic and fit just right.

The awards for this contest were very unique, plaques homemade from tree branches. For the Reserve and Grand Champion they had peppermills made from maple-burl wood. Very beautiful and they work!

We felt we had done pretty good but was surprised at winning it overall as there were some very good teams there.

My sister Diana and daughter Tawny were there as well as my niece Jodi and her 12 year old son Spencer, who stayed up until 4:30 am to help with the cutting and prepping the chicken. That's probably why we did well in the chicken category.

Nothing in my life has been so good at pulling family together as these BBQ contest. Everyone seems to love it and we always have a blast, young and old alike. Ahhh the power of BBQ.