Modesto BBQ, Relay & Blues
news - BBQ News 2005

I consider this kind of my home town contest. It is the closest to us (only 2 hours) and everyone else has to drive a long way. This contest is put on by Savemart, a local central valley supermarket and where we happen to shop. This contest has a real hometown feel to it so of course I wanted to do good here.

QN4U has been on a tear, 4 straight Grand Championships here in California, so the pressure was on. Could we even hope to get number 5? We really would like to have won but ended up in second, Reserve Grand Champion. I'll take that any day. It was a good way to end the streak instead of bombing out completely. Asleep at the Grill was the new Grand Champion. They are a top team and always in contention anywhere they go.

We also did vending for the California Barbeque Association (CBBQA) to raise money for our children's charities. It was very successful raising thousands of dollars. The work was brutal, by the end we were the walking dead, completely exhausted. Grant (CBBQA President) & Jeni Ford have donated their time, talents and products to make all of the CBBQA events successful. This was no exception. Gene of Out of this World BBQ team and Randy Gille of Burbank Bad (good) Boys BBQ team cooked and cooked to keep up with the demand for this great event. Thank God for their dedication and generosity, they constantly give to this association and always volunteer to do the impossible without fanfare or enough thanks.

Many more of our members came to help work in the food booth, Pam Gram, Kelly McIntosh, Rick Gilbert & team as well as others. This is a good thing as this associations mission is to try to do good things for those who are at a disadvantage in life. It is the members who participate that make it happen. So thank you, to all that help. You should feel good as your work will not be in vain. Your help at these benefits will help some deserving children get the help or relief they need.