news - BBQ News 2004
Operation BBQ
4500 Marines
Christmas Dinner
December 2004

Carrying the PigI really love this cook and hope I have the privilege to continue to BBQ for our military. This is the most rewarding hard work I can imagine. As most of us go about our little lives like worker bee's I think we lose touch of the big picture that living in this country we are so fortunate, spoiled really.

Spencer and BrentThese young men and women remind me every time, just being in their presence that honor, dignity, courage are more than words. They display it in their demeanor. They are so polite so disciplined and so gracious. We are damn lucky!

Rarely does John-Q citizen get an opportunity to say thank you like we can with BBQ to those out there that are responsible for our freedom today and in the future. I know that they really enjoy the BBQ and it sure makes me feel good to do it for them.