West Coast Championship
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West Coast Championship
August 14th, 2004
West Coast BBQ Championship
Fairfield, CA

MAN! Talk about being geared up for a contest. I was still on cloud 9 from last week in Azuza.

The standard fair is if you win one week, you will crash and burn the next. Really hoping we would finish in a respectable place, maybe 1st in something, make the stage for an award of any kind. Definitely didn't want to go from first to worst.

My brother Kent was going to come help us at this contest so I knew we would have a blast and we did! Kent brought some friends with him, Matt and Carla (not the same Carla as last week) who turned out to be great helpers, Matt had a sharp palette and made some good calls on what we should submit to the judges.

Twenty eight teams showed up to cook at this contest. A testament to Jeff Jones of Jeff's BBQ and Catering and the hard work and great promoting he did to make this a great success. Jeff is a past president of the California BBQ Association and one of its best assets. There were a lot of tough competitors and some new friends. That's what really makes a good BBQ competition to me. When everyone seems to be having fun with each other as we go through the ritual of a BBQ contest.

We planned to cook everything as we had the week before with two new ideas to improve our chicken and pulled pork. Overall we were pretty happy with all our BBQ entries and everyone agreed that the Ribs really hit the mark. (We took third). The pork butt was much better (We took third as well). The chicken was some of the best yet, we thought. It did not take a top five. The brisket was probably the weakest item this week and we took sixth. Consistancy, that's good.

As the awards were being announced, I was over by Big O's BBQ by Alan and his wife Mary when they announced them as the reserve champions. I was glad for them as they put a lot of work and pride into their BBQ and compete at a top level.

I didn't hear our name announced as Grand Champion as I was talking to my brother. He said "You won, they called your name, you won". "You're kidding" I remember saying. About that same time I could here Kim scream out "Oh my God, we won". "Unbeleivable" I said. Again like last week I was in total shock. The trophy for Grand Champion was huge (5'6" tall). I have never seen a trophy that large. Jeff Jones said, "You just won the biggest trophy in BBQ". That was no lie!