Modesto BBQ
news - BBQ News 2004
WOW! First event for the year, not to bad, 2nd place chicken, should have done a little better in the other catagories but I made some errors that really hurt us in the judging. Used the new pit for the contest and it performed fantastic as I expected. Still need to learn the little tricks to it but it really turns out a great product. Errors made by me in some judgement & changes I made on the fly did not turn out as expected. You live and learn, then move on. 27 teams in this contest we ended up 15th, I know we can do better. Gene's "Out of this World BBQ" was the Grand Champion, and well deserved as he is a true gentleman and great BBQer. At our first contest that I entered, Gene was the first BBQer I met, he could not of been more helpful and generous with his time and knowledge to help us thru that first contest. We even took a first in Seafood, I will never forget that. Anyway we had a great time and met alot of new BBQers. My wife's sister Sandy and my brother Kent showed up to help, and that made it even more fun .Kent brought a bottle of wine from his vineyard, his first harvest, that wine was the best ever, I am so proud of him, I know how hard he has worked to make that vineyard happen, (Burjon Vineyards) how he has nurtured every plant and now to start reaping the rewards of his labor. Life is Good!