"Q" fest a success!
news - BBQ News 2004
Attended "Q" fest in San Dimas, CA this past weekend and had a great time. Met some new and old pros at "BBQN" Everyone went out of their way to make this a success, Dan Cannon from "Coyote Road Kill" did a great job of organizing this group and kept things on time. (CBBQA) California BBQ Association has some dedicated members that make sure everything is done just right. They had a seminar on making sausages, one on cornbread, both were a lot of fun and everyone learned some new things. They had breakfast each morning that was fantastic and the dinner Friday night and the Saturday potluck was unbelievable!! This was a case of not to many cooks spoiling the broth,but tons of broth! so much food-impossible to try it all.