news - BBQ News 2010

                  “SOUPER BOWL”

                                                                                                               By Brent Walton

Being a “FOOD GUY”, when I hear someone say “superbowl” I’m thinking it’s about food of some kind. I know its weird but I’m wired that way. Sort of like when I heard something on the news about “battered women” and I know it is not something to joke about or not politically correct but in my mind the first thought was “Battered Women”- sounds Delicious!

 I’m not a “Football Guy” and I always joke with people telling them I don’t even know how many “INNINGS” are in a game but I must say I am a fan of the big Superbowl game. It’s a time when people get together to enjoy each other, catch up (ketchup-See how I think) on old times, enjoy the big game. There is something for everyone, the unveiling of the new outrageous commercials, the half time shows and once in a while the game is a nail biter. Most of all for me, people seem to pull out all the stops and have the best “tailgate food” at home for this occasion and that is my favorite reason for a superbowl party.

RIBS (beef or pork)-my all time favorite Football food.

Something about pulling meat off the bone with my teeth especially when it’s cold outside, and I can throw the bones. That is a plus. Neanderthal I know, but it soothes my savage soul.

Bacon wrapped anything!

My favorite appetizer is “Pig Candy” that’s a Lil Smoky that is rolled in brown sugar covered in bacon that has been rolled in brown sugar then smoked, baked or fried, pure heaven! I tell you. Jalapenos with cream cheese wrapped in bacon are another winner. Whether it is seafood’s, chestnuts, veggies or whatever, when wrapped in bacon it is like a warm hug from an old friend.


CHILI- homemade the best!

Chili can be done in many different forms, but it is all good to me. I am going to give you a basic recipe for a good chili- you can and should tweak it to suite your taste.



1-large can ranch style beans 25-32oz

1-large can pinto beans 25-32oz

1-small can black beans 15-16oz

¼ stick butter

1 pound ground beef

1 cup celery chopped

1 cup chopped tomatoes (optional)

1cup onions chopped

¼ cup bbq sauce

¼ cup mustard

¼ cup chili powder

Salt & pepper to taste (other seasonings that go well would be garlic, cumin, paprika)

Drain and empty beans into large pot, adding the juice from the ranch style beans only. Start the beans on low heat; add BBQ sauce, mustard and half the chili powder to mixture. In a large sauté type pan add butter, celery and onions (tomatoes as well if you are using them) and cook on medium heat until onions are translucent. Then add ground beef in small pieces and cook until meat is slightly brown. Then add remainder of chili powder and salt and pepper and about 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil for about 3-5 minutes, then pour contents into the large chili pot with beans and continue to cook on low for 30-45 minutes stirring occasionally. Taste and make adjustments you think it might need. More salt or pepper or chili powder if you want. This would be the time to add more ingredients maybe a little cayenne or chili flakes to spice it up, give it a little zip.

This is a very basic and simple chili to prepare the fun is in making it your own by adding other ingredients you like. Experiment, who knows someday you might wind up at the world championship with your SUPERBOWL of Chili.