Grilled Salsa
news - BBQ News 2010


QN4U’s Great Grilled Salsa

3- Roma tomatoes- Sliced, Grilled and Chopped

1- Red Onion- small—Sliced, Grilled and Chopped

2-Jalapenos’- Grill, Seeded and Chopped

1- Corn on the Cob- Grilled, Then strip corn off cob

   (about 1 cup)

2- Cloves Garlic- Roasted, Chopped

3- Tablespoons- Fresh Cilantro,

  ( leaves only, no stems)

2- Tablespoons Lime Juice

Salt And Pepper to taste


After grilling, chop all ingredients mix in bowl add lime juice. Add Salt and Blk. Pepper to taste. Best if set in refrigerator for 1 hour before eating. Serve with Chips or as a condiment to Steak or Tri Tip.