Back From Mesquite NV
news - BBQ News 2009

Back from Mesquite, NV

It was great to get away from the restaurant for a few days. I know I’m crazy! That we got a couple of days off and what do we do? Go BBQ!

This contest had some big pay out money and that draws the big BBQ teams and that was my attraction. When I got a chance to cook against the best, I think it improves my BBQ cooking.

Mesquite, NV was a great place for a contest. Casablanca casino was a perfect host for this event and Arlie Bragg always has a first class event. Hotel prices were cheap as was the food prices at the restaurants- or should I say inexpensive. Hotel rooms were really nice and the hotel restaurants were excellent.

We got to meet up with a lot of people that we haven’t seen for a while since we haven’t been out on the “circuit” since we opened the restaurant. That is always fun catching up with everyone, its weird how we haven’t seen each other in over 1 or 2 years but its like we just saw each other last week with no big time lapse.

As for the contest we did ok- but not like we should have- need to practice more I guess, it just feels out of sorts still when we do these contests now. We use to be so dialed in and organized when we were cooking just about every week and I need to get back to that. Confidence was high then.

We took 4th in steak, 11th in chicken, 14th in pork, 29th in ribs, 31st in brisket, and 21st overall out of 47 teams.  There was a big storm that came through made for some excitement Friday night-thunder, lightening, rain, hail, wind for about 20 minutes- caused flooding and flying canopies including ours. Guess it was quite a scene everyone hanging on canopies trying to save all their stuff. We watched it all from the comfort of our hotel room.

Jack’s Old South- Myron Mizxon won this contest. No surprise Myron is the man! A Real Champion. I was proud to see a lot of our students from the Arizona class get calls at this tough contest especially Team McFrankenboo BBQ for a 1st place brisket call which was a big call with this group. 

Hope they have this contest next year, I’d love to go back