9/11 QN4U Tribute
news - BBQ News 2009

Our Friday night 911 concert and tribute with Trey Tosh was a huge success one of our best days ever! The coolest moment of the night was a tribute we did with a bugle player named Steve Doaks, a Vietnam veteran, he played taps- it was very moving. In honor of all those people killed at the World Trade Center that infamous day in New York. Reflecting on all the emergency personnel, volunteers and all Americans together facing an unbelievable tragedy. Also to remind us of our great military personal around the globe protecting our freedoms and sacrificing their all in the name of our great way of life. We should remember them everyday. As Darrell Worley’s song says, “have you forgotten”? How you felt that day.

Trey Tosh is one talented guy. We enjoy him playing for us at the BBQ HOUSE. Hope he finds his way to the big time. Thanks to Carter at 95.7 The Fox for being the consummate master of ceremonies for the evening. We like doing these type of concerts and hope to do more of these in the future as everyone has so much fun.