news - BBQ News 2009

Halftime Rack Attack

 February 6th 2009

This was an amazing event as it turned out. When we conceived the idea, we weren’t sure how or if we could pull it off. One of employees came up with the name and we liked the idea of promoting it like a WWF wrestling match. We gave the competitors alternate nicknames and outrageous fake biographies that were really funny. My pro bono media rep Darrell Dahlberg of Kiss Country radio really helped get this thing going it was his idea to promote it like a WWF wrestling event and the radio promos were a riot. We were the only restaurant that the Superbowl half time was the big event. We had live media coverage from the TV stations, ringside announcer my good buddy ,Don Bean. People packed the restaurant Sunday standing on tables and chairs just to get a view of this awesome spectacle. How many ribs could you eat in 9 minutes and 37 seconds (the radio station’s number 93.7) Tom Jordan a DJ from KISS radio was a ‘gurgitator’ and pretty pathetic I might mention. But after the bones and debris settled we had a winner- “Ivan the Terrible” from Madera, Ca. he put down 2.87 pounds of meat and Eric the “Twin City Mauler” was a very close 2nd place and the surprise was our female contestant “Jill the Thrill” in third. A big thanks to B&L quality meats and Chaz for donating the ribs and helping is get this great event off the ground. I know this will be even bigger and better next year as this event seams to have left a great impression on everyone.