The 95th Annual Clovis Rodeo
news - BBQ News 2009

QN4U BBQ HOUSE’s 2nd Annual Rodeo Parade.

 April 23-26 2009

Hard to believe we have a 2nd annual already- time flies. The rodeo coming to Clovis is the biggest event of the year. We love being a part of it. Last year we did the parade on Saturday morning. We start with a meeting at 7:00am for jack and donuts that our tradition at QN4U now for two years. This year we also did backstage catering for the” LONESTAR” concert and kiss country radio- Friday night concert that was a blast. At the other end of the venue we also catered for the rodeo associations VIP  booth- it was the first time we got to show them what we can do- the really loved it.  Hope it is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. I hadn’t been to the rodeo in a few years and made a point to go on Sunday. I guess I’ve forgotten how entertaining rodeos are. From all the beautiful girls on horses, the clowns, the unbiased patriotism displayed, the cowboy’s, the rodeo animals, it really is a great place to spend a day with your family and friends.

By the way, about a week after the big rodeo we received two nice plaques in the mail, one for 1st place in our division (commercial) in the parade for our float, (the beautiful smoker and our mascot “ANTRE”  some enthusiastic, great employees) the other plaque  was for 1st place overall for our parade appearance. That makes me proud and you know I love winning! This was quite a surprise.