Fresno Philharmonic Presents The Sons of the San Joaquin
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Fresno Philharmonic Presents The “Sons of the San Joaquin”

June 17, 2009                 

This was an unusual event for us, we were the exclusive vendor including beer, wine, and sodas. The philharmonic called us about two  weeks out for this event and asked if we could do this, as they liked the job we did for 93.7 kiss country at their “concerts in the park series”. Of course we would, “how many people do you expect?” “Oh, maybe a thousand, we have six hundred sold now”. I know I had 1000 to cook for the next morning for make a wish at their rumble to the summit event. Any way time went by and we had the event ready to go.  By Friday night of the concert the lot had grown to about 3000 people. But we were ready. It was really a cool event having the 65 piece orchestra backing the pickers and singers of the great western music seamed like it would be weird and not fit but it really did. I actually sat and listened for a while and enjoy the storytelling that goes with old western style music/ the weather could not have been better. We enjoyed this event a lot and hope they do this again. The city of Fresno made it a breeze to go through permit process- I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. Everything went well and I love when it works that way.