news - BBQ News 2009

Red Hot and Real BBQ- Checkers Tournament

Clovis, CA

Friday night after dinner we had a “checkers tournament” to raise funds for “Cancer Sucks!” Chicago/ Scotty Johnsons foundation in the name our beloved Monica Benedict who succumbed to cancer earlier this year. I believe the members of the California Barbeque Association are the most generous people I have ever met or been associated with and that they are a great source of pride for me.

Dave Wiles of Backyard Smoke won the “checkers tournament” and the grand prize was a truly grand prize, a huge bottle of “Gentlemen’s Jack” signed “Cancer Sucks!” World Champion Scotty Johnson who won the 2006 Jack Daniel’s World Championship signed and sent it to us as a grand prize. I can tell you it was the most coveted prize of all time! At the awards Dave Wiles donated the bottle back so it could be auctioned off as everyone wanted it. So the bidding began at $50- $100, $200, $300 faster than you can imagine at the end Pete Weaver of Pit Stop BBQ got the bottle and we raised $750 for that bottle. Amazing, we raised $155 at the checkers game so I was proud that we have raised so much for “Cancer Sucks!” Chicago. Then Pete cracked open the bottle and said “shots” for $5 and people paid 10, 20, 50 dollars for a shot and Pete and Pam donated that money back as well. Our total was now $1065 AMAZING! Don’t you think- but then again so was MONICA! So thank everyone so much especially Dave Wiles of Backyard Smoke BBQ although fairly new to barbeque he certainly has captured the spirit and I’m going to nominate him for a “Smokey Angel” award. Thanks to Scotty Johnson, Pete and Pam of Pit Stop BBQ and all the people at the Red Hot and Real BBQ for you generosity and remember CANCER SUCKS



 Corliss Johnson Memorial Foundation